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The Benefits of Speed Ball

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

A really fun way to stay fit and develop shoulder and arm strength

Hand-Eye Coordination

Boxers need sharp reflexes and well-developed hand-eye coordination. The instant you see an opening, you must be able to deliver a jab with speed and accuracy. The speed ball will help you do just that. When pounding the speed bag, the left jab is the primary punch you will use. In order to hit the speed bag correctly, pound out a rhythm with your left jab. You must concentrate on hitting the bottom center portion of the bag so it hits the supporting rim and bounces back to you.


Quickness comes into play when you add footwork to your training with the speed ball. Boxing is not a static sport and hitting the speed ball becomes an even more effective tool when adding footwork. If you are a right-handed boxer, you will usually circle your opponent to your left. Keep this pattern in mind as you practice on the speed ball, picking up the pace as you go along. Good boxers learn to keep the speed ball moving in a rhythmic pattern as they move.

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