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Training environment: what to look for and the effect it has on progress

Whether you’ve noticed it or not, your training environment is an integral part of your success. Numerous factors contribute to what makes the right environment for you as an individual and it can be tough to find that specific environment.

You should search for a place that you look forward to going to but a

lso makes you a bit nervous, in a good way, about the session that lays ahead. If you hate going the chances are

at some point you will stop or at least become inconsistent, but while you are there you should also be pushed outside of your comfort zone, that’s where progress is made.

You should never feel intimidated but should be around people that make you try that little bit harder. Numerous studies have shown that training in small groups can cause an increase in performance, it’s that intangible thing, the camaraderie amongst people working towards the same goal. In a large group you can hide at the back and vice versa, when you train alone there’s nobody there to push you or keep you going when motivation is hard to come by.

There should be a social element, you should have fun where you workout, again if you don’t like being there it’s always going to be a barrier to going. You should be able to have a laugh a

nd be relaxed but this should always be kept in check, it’s easy for a 1 hour session to turn into 2 hours without actually doing any more work, I’ve been there, it’s easily done. If you balance fun and work correctly, this combination will keep you coming back and is proven to get results.

These qualities can come from environments of very different approaches, sizes and specialist areas and what you want as an individual could be completely different to the next person but certain factors should be present for long term success:

  1. You need to actually want to go there, not go out of guilt or because you think you should.

  2. Your chosen venue shouldn’t add to your stress load, it should be a place where you can kick some butt, judgement free and leave feeling proud of what you’ve achieved.

  3. Find like minded people to train around, working towards a common goal. It’ll just be more fun, keep you motivated and you might make some great friends.

  4. The ideal training partner is someone who is a little better than yourself, if you’re the best at everything in you group, you’re in the wrong group.

  5. Remember you’re there to train, you should be getting progress, however you are choosing to measure that (that’s a topic for another day!).

  6. Wherever you train there should be coaches available to provide progressive programming, guidance, tips, technical cues and above all, coaching, should you require any of these things.

It can be nerve racking trying out a new facility, unless you’re very lucky, you probably won’t find the right place first try and even one that looks great on paper may not meet your expectations in person. Don’t get disheartened, keep looking, it will be well worth it when you find it. I love my training partners and as a coach I’m lucky enough to work with an amazing community that are friends as well as clients, who make it fun, inspire me and make me want to be better every day.

Decide what things you want/need and seek out a place that provides it.

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